Retexturing Something


Now there are 3 important parts to this tutorial



Nvidia dds plugin


Reskining is one of the easiest “mods” you can make


1. find the clothing you want to change. i picked bmhs_cf_tops_UT.unity3d. more specficially the underboob tank

2. open the file then go to the image section. find the one that looks like what it looks like ingame. do not pick one that is for example gray(that is a map that we will get into another time) 3. press extract(after double clicking the img ), it will appear in the folder the unity3d file was.

4. edit the Clothing texture anyway you like. i added a simple “tattoo” to it.

5. save the file as a dds file like you would in a skintex situation but dont save it as flipped.

6. backup the files you are editing

7. drag the edited dds file into sbx and press the image you imported once and press replace near where the export button was.

8. save the unity file by going into file and simply pressing save unity.3d file

9. now go in game and see your reskin ;9

10. if you ever want to revert back to normal you can just delete the files that you changed and place the ones you backuped back.

NOTE: DEFAULT items have their own unity3d file named Matcha(number) (0 is the default one and there might be dlc ones in other numbers) where the materials are saved. remember the name of the item you are retexturing since youll have to go by that in the mat_cha file)

Have fun 😉 


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