Release: Playhome Translation v3.5(Read)

Changes and updates

This is a slightly minor update that has fixed a lot of things that are small but noticeable for certain people. V4 will ultimately be a complete and perfect version so in the meanwhile i might upload small fixes and such If you find any errors in the translation please tell me


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      Okay, I’ve just tried 3.5. It looks good. Here are my thoughts though:

      ¤ Config screens: perfect.

      ¤ When in main interface (where you can choose the girl, the scene, etc)
      – “Mouth Hold” would look better as “Gag”
      – “Customizer” would be just fine as “Editor”
      – “State” could become “Chart” or “Lewdness”

      ¤ When in H-Scene mode:
      – first thing, the submenu color (insert, service, caressing) and the position included, in
      radioactive green, how to say… MY EEEEEEYES! IT BUUUUURNS! ^o^; You striped backgrounds are better 🙂

      Section “POSITION”
      – in INSERT the two item just below Spooning are still in japanese. Same thing with the item below Anal Missionary and the one two below Anal Reverse Cowgirl.
      -In SERVICE the very last item is still in japanese.
      -In CARESSING the Cunnilingus item is till in japanese.
      -The location-specific entry is also in japanese.

      MOUTH HOLD there too could be better as Gag.
      H CARACTER CUSTOM would be better as Editor.

      That’s it for now 🙂 I proofed this as a help, not a critic. I hope you find it useful. If some items are as they are for a very specific reason, just ignore my babbling 😀

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      Hi! Would you please explain to me in detail what to do to change language/Japanese-English/. In the folder you need to copy IPA your folders with files or is an error and should be dejtva in another way? Thank you in advance.

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      Will there be subtitles for h scenes later on?

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