Modding FAQ

This lists tutorials and common modding issues


How do i make a skintexmod

Read in order from top to bottom


How do i edit a texture, how do i add textures, how do i make something colourable


How do i change clothing catagory



Common Issues in modding(In general)


What do i do if my list file is not saving-remember to press the apply button on the bottom of the list window before you save the unity3d file or your changes will not be saved.


What could be the issue if my clothing is not visible ingame but shows up on the list?-look around because your export settings might have gone awry, other options include cab string conflicts or a list file that does not lead anywhere

I made something Colourable but it does not change colour? – if you are sure you added the tag to everything that needs to have it then look if the shader is called pbr3mask or something similar, if it is check the textures and look for the colormask which should be (blue,black,green) it is likely full blue, if you dont want to keep the second slider you can just delete the colormask texture and it will work or you can modify the colormask so whatever parts you want to be affected by the first slider you color black, everything you want affected by the second slider you color green and anything you dont want affected you color blue