If you came here after the config.ini tutorial you are in the right place.

Drawing for skintexmod is really simple. But there are some tips and information that i can pass on to you

Before you start

make sure the canvas is the right size. Bodytexures should be 4096×4096.

To begin you need to use some kind of drawing software, i recommend photoshop simply because it is easy and has alot of great tools.


Open a document at 4096×4096, Grab this Mesh.png and paste it into your canvas, Size it up so it fills the entire screen. This is the honeyselect UV map, if you draw on legs of the mesh.png it should be exactly where the skintexmod drawing is going to land.

Open up a new layer and draw on it. When you are happy with what you have drawn hide the mesh.png(otherwise it will popup on the skintexmod) and Change the opacity of your drawing according to this Opacity (note that the next column should actually say 60, 50 and so on)

Now save your image to png,dds or tga with the name Bodytex.Png(or dds/tga) or according to what you are making, if you want another name refer to the config.ini tutorial.

Now you are finished with the drawing part

and can proceed to another tutorial

For a basic skintexmod follow
For a dilldoe bodysuit skintexmod follow

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