The most crucial step to a skintexmod other than having the mod itself installed is the Config file. The config file is what you use to determine the name of your skintex, the type of it and also what type of image you are using

First make a new file called “Config.ini” Now open it up in your favorite program, i use notepad just for ease of use. Then paste this in




Info=DDS Direct Default



Now what you can change

1. “Overlay” in the first line can be changed to “Direct” Direct replaces the skin entirely(Ideal for making skin) Overlay just overlays over the skin(ideal for tattoos and generally any other addon to the normal skin)

2. “dds direct default” this is basically the description of the mod. I would change this to for example for a spider-man tattoo “Body tattoo Spider man”

3. on the next few lines what is crucial is that the “PNG” and “DDS” can be changed according to what kind of file you want to use(TGA 24b,32b. Png. DDS) then after that enter the file name of the bodytexture you made and face texture(you do not need both) I recommend sticking to default names as it makes it easier to keep track off.

4. there are additional things that can be added to your config.ini but i recommend the hongfire post instead(Mirror if it gets removed) remember to add = to the end of every line you add (ie Bodytex=)

What it should look like in the end


When you are finished just save it and proceed to another step of my tutorials

For a basic skintexmod follow
For a Dilldoe bodysuit skintexmod follow

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