How to change catagory of a clothing

What you need

For this tutorial all you need is Sb3ugs utility and HS_slot id

  1. first find the clothing that you want to edit and the list file, i chose 205801_Costop_NK01 , its list file being Nocky_Cos_00
  2. Open up Hs slot id and find a slot in the right catagory that you want to end up with. i 208169 because i want the top to be a underwear
  3. Go into the list and change the id of the clothing you want into the id you found and hit apply and save it aswel
  4. change the name of the animator to reflect what kind of clothing it is, it started as a top and i want it to be a underwear so i use cf_f_shorts. it was called cf_f_top_NK00 so il call it p_cf_f_shorts_nk00.(add p for some reason) Save and apply and you should have a clothing in another slot(remember to have the right animator name in the list)

Sometimes Bodys are included in clothings, in tops this is usual, if theres purple glitching around the clothing you need to delete the body in the unity3d assetfile. If cum appears delete the parts about swim etc in the list file


you should always backup everything you do, I am not a very experienced modder, this way works but is probably not the correct way


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