Adding Materials/textures to your unity3d file


Before you start this tutorial make sure you have

  1. Sb3ugs
  2. list file and asset file finished
  3. The texture you want to add


1. Open up your asset file and look at what you have to work with, the file i use this time for helping a “Noob” on discord with Has no materials or textures currently

2. find a mod/ normal mat_cha_00.unity3d and open it

3. open up a few according to how many you want. I opened 3. Mark them for copying and move back to your asset file

4. go to the assets tab and press paste all marked. now you have Materials in your file(might have to go file reopen unity for some stuff to open up)

5. Now to add this to your mesh first go to the mesh tab go to the bottom where you see”submeshes” and on material path id select one of the 3 materials.

6. now go to textures and replace one of them with your texture and go to the material tab and according to what kind of map you add like a normal map or whatever set the path to one of the textures, since i just want a normal texture i just went to the materials tab and selected “Maintex” and put in my texture

7. now you just save your file and now you have a texture for your mesh 😉


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